Social Work CPD Training

Social work is one profession that has unique attributes that are not in any way similar to other jobs. Social workers are given on-going formal supervision that is termed as a luxury by those who are not in the know of the complexity of the tasks.

social worker cpd training

Social work enables all social workers reaching a period where they are excellent with their work (being good at the practice) as reliable basic grade practitioners achieve the status of becoming qualified managers who don’t need to go for any formal management training.

Upon reaching this status, you are expected to offer quality supervision to staff right from day one. At times this comes out as a tricky situation and majorities of all who are managers tend to supervise how they were supervised or assume a different supervision role that is further from how they were supervised.

Hence the reason why continuing professional development is critical as it helps social workers remain up to date with proficient developments and are placed in a position where they can alter their practice in line with new evidence.

(CPD) Continuing professional development in social work helps increase your knowledge, skills and qualification. CPD has lifelong learning that is necessary when it comes to ensuring that the work place skills and knowledge is and will remain up-to-date.

CPD helps by building your existing or emerging repertoire which are theoretical aspects pertaining to staff management and development. By using CPD, you offer yourself as well as your staff tools that help you get the job done and at the end of it, you achieve job satisfaction in the supervisory process.

CPD is a platform that will help you re-establish reasons why you became a social worker- especially the one where you wanted to make a difference, but now as a credible manager of staff or a staffer yourself.

In the modern society we live in we all require some form of encouragement that helps us make noteworthy changes in the procedures we manage and deal with social work stress. As a social worker, it is necessary for workers to feel powerful, relaxed and nurtured by participation and gaining access to the right facilities which will help in management of stress.

Sadly though there is a surprising cynicism in this profession and a sense of helplessness.  At times, the pressures and demands of being a social worker are at times intolerable as well as relentless. As professionals become engaged in other people’s lives, it is necessary to go through a CPD session that helps workers remain professional in all undertakings.

Continuing Professional Development helps workers shrug off the thought of feeling unsupported and overwhelmed by the case loads.  The education and training offered to social workers and employers based on effective strategies to deal with the effects of stress evoke by the nature of work helps the social worker remain focused on the job at hand and will have the right skills that will enable him or her do his work appropriately.

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